For sale : god cards / game changers / difference makers

Are you having a hard time going 12-0?

Are you looking for a card to boost your Squad?

Fear not my Friends, Bet on These Cards to Give You Wins and Greens, All the Way to Hakeems!

A Friendly Reminder from your Fellow 2K Gamer :innocent:

Full Badges Shoes and Contracts

Will Be Posted in the AH in 15 Mins (for 4H)


100,000 max on any of them?

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Yes bro 100K bid since I need MT :rofl:

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Lol would definitely bid but all my cards will not be sold until I get 1250 and I got like 85 left. Then I’m selling it all back today lol.

It’s all good bro :innocent: thanks

Tbh bro you should list them for 12 hours. Trust

Why bro? I am afraid of any anouncement (kobe/tmac drop)

I’m willing to listen

Fair i guess. Just awfully early to end good cards like that. Done at 10am EST. Where im from. 7am on the west coast. Majority of the gamers that play are here in america. Just my take. But i do think something is coming Tuesday

If u can sell in 4 hours instead of now that be better. I think kids in america dont have school tomorrow

Okay bro so 4 hours it is? Thanks man
Gonna List it now :innocent:

being EU, im always trying to let them run out in the evenings, preferably after dinner times around 8-9pm

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If I list now at 4 hours.

It will end 11 pm ASIA 9-10 AM USA

Hahaha posting in 2mins may the 2K Gods Bless Me :innocent:

No. List in 4 hours so it ends 8 hours from now !

Sorry Man Just Listed it :pensive:

There is no card other than better versions can replace Pippen and Giannis for me :slight_smile:

sorry man gotta need the mt for webber and 1 go card gotta play with rewards :pensive:

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i sold everything BUT pippen yesterday. im not even using him but i cant sell him either

Hahaha time to save MT for webber bro!

UPDATE : 45 mins left guys :pensive::pensive::pensive:

You will get about 350 -400k on the pd’s man chill. Don’t be sad :slight_smile:

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