For people who watched the last dance

Did it change your opinion on who’s the GOAT and what the greatest team ever was?

Bill Russell’s celtics and the 96-97 bulls are up there for best team ever


Nope, MJ was always the GOAT in my opinion

Been watching the Nba since the early 90s so experienced it in real time.


MJ’s still my GOAT peak and GOAT legacy, and the '17 Warriors are still my GOAT team with '96 Bulls being 2nd.

I think it really cemented how perfect MJ’s legacy was, though. Two three peats. Six championships. All the ridiculousness of his early years. Nobody will ever unseat MJ for GOAT legacy, even if IMO LeBron & Kareem have better overall (read : quantity) careers due to longevity and someone someday will challenge his peak.

yeah there were a lot of things that helped me respect jordan more as a person and also dislike him in some aspects however hes always been the goat and always will be


Didn’t change it one bit & didn’t change the way I felt about Jordan one bit.

Jordan may have come across as an a-hole & a bully a lot, but it was NECESSARY for what he & the Bulls were trying to accomplish.

  1. Being pissed & management & playing instead of tanking in '86
  2. Holding grudges against the Pistons
  3. Being pissed Drexler & Malone being MVP over him
  4. Pushing his teammates to their limits during practice to get the most out of them.

All that did was lead him to be the greatest. That mindset / mentality is what winners are made of, and most guys can’t hack it. Most guys would find it “cancerous” or to the likes of that nature. Lots of players have had Jordan’s mindset / intentions, but couldn’t make it work because they were either not on Jordan’s level or their teammates & coaches were just a bunch of whimps.

Terrell Owens, Russell Westbrook, & Jimmy Butler are guys who have Jordan’s mentality & killer side to them, but a combination of them not being as good as Jordan & their teammates being soft is what did all of them in.


I really think Kawhi has that next level killer instinct. He’s just not extroverted so you don’t see it as much. But man, there isn’t a player in the league I’d hate going up against more in those essential moments.

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I do wonder if Jordan had enough raw talent to take a different approach as long as his drive was still there.

He most definitely does. I absolutely love the fact that he didn’t buy into the “Spurs management / franchise / Pop can do no wrong” narrative by saying negative things about him before he wanted to return. He forged his own path.

He & only he knows his body, and he wasn’t stupid enough to risk his career by coming back to soon.

He also wanted to compete vs the best instead of joining the best, which he clearly could’ve done by joining Lebron with the Lakers. Glad he didn’t do that, just from a pride standpoint.

The confidence he gave that Raptors team, and the fact that it’s still continuing, is ridiculously impressive. It’s something very few players have been able to do, to completely reforge a team mentally, from chokers into legitimately one of the most clutch teams across that playoffs & a great clutch team this year despite injuries and losing key players.

I remain convinced that, even with KD, the Raptors would’ve been the toughest foe that Warriors team ever faced.

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The Warriors would have waxed Toronto with KD in my opinion.


I don’t think there was any waxing that Toronto team. We saw the Warriors get pushed to 6 by the Clippers. We saw them get taken to 7 by the Rockets the year before. That team was pushable. Beatable? Who knows. Personally I think the Raptors take them to game 7 and it goes down as a legendary, all-time great series.

Obviously, it’s impossible to know for sure.


I was really hoping Curry would have found a way to pull it out in those shit circumstances to bolster his under appreciated legacy.

Honestly, it really felt the Raptors played down to the Warriors level in games 5 & 6. They weren’t playing impressive basketball at all, & still pulled off game 6 at the Warriors place.

It’s natural human nature to play down/with/above your natural level of performance based on how good/bad the other team is. Wouldn’t be shocked if this were the case.

I dont think the Raptors were as good as they played in the Finals or the playoffs. They all just happened to be hot at the right time. Just my opinon.

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I’d also say that the Warriors played up to the Raptors level, especially in game 6, but down the stretch in game 5 too. They were hitting every shot. Klay and Curry came up huge. That team has a different energy without KD, sometimes.

Even Iguodala; Iguodala went OFF in game 6, had an efficient 22 points. He hadn’t broken 20 points since early 2017.

Easily, as much as I hate the warrior, the raptors would’ve got crushed if KD wasn’t injured


Probably one of the best teams ever but people love to hype it up way over the top.

that championship warriors team won’t have a chance againt the bulls in ANY era

I enjoyed watching the Documentary, but I didn’t learn much that I didn’t know already. I had already read articles about the events in the Last Dance, but it’s different actually seeing it. But if I didn’t know these things already.

(Cons) The only thing I would have learned is that MJ loss in the first round a lot. MJ never advanced to the Finalswithout Scottie Pippen. MJ struggled year after year to get past the Bad Boys and never beat Larry Bird. MJ was really tough on teammates and loved to Golf, gamble, drink beers and smoke cigars. Scottie took MJ’s team to the 2nd round of the Playoffs without MJ.
(Pros) He was the best player every year that he played without a doubt. He worked extremely hard and was extremely competitive. He gave his all on the court at all times. He played though food poisoning and still dropped 38 points. He had a father son relationship with his security guard. He was the heart and sole of the Bulls and led them to every victory. At times he was unselfish and passed to Kerr and Paxson for game winners. He gave Pippen a lot of credit for his success.

But in the end - The King still dropping dimes like Magic and scoring like a machine in this era.