For one thing I'm glad the server are so trash

I used to have a serious issue with buying VC the last years… I could spend more than a thousand a year (not in 2k19 tho…).

But this company has proven that they just dont care about their customers so I’m officially done with buying VC!

I m not even sure I’m buying 2k20…

sadly, 2k doesnt care about any of that because people love shiny new cards

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2K19 gameplay was great.

2KGamer community is great.

Servers are TRASH. All year.

Pack odds manipulation to prey upon 9-5 working people is pure greed and evil.

It’s hard to say I won’t be back for 2K20 because of those first two points. Somehow, the actual gameplay and all you guys make the rest of it tolerable and enjoyable.


Just lost due to a server connection issue. Checked my connection immediately and it says i have 70 m/b’s down. 2K is terrible man.


That’s some solid speed earv

It’s all server based. Games where you can’t switch players, shoot or icon pass. Basically can’t react whatsoever. Cherry on top is when someone hops on the mic talking shit and I’m fish food because I literally can’t perform the basic functions of the game.


Lmao you could stream 2k over Geforce Now with that speed

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Thanks but i heard of guys having 200 m/b’s and up lol. That is way too expensive tho. Sometimes mine is between 50-70 but i’ll stick with that.

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Yeah my dad worked from home and he had dinner optic that got 200. 5G is gonna be able to hit 200 I think too. Crazy. I get no lag wired on this shity 18mb I’m using at my sublet. But yeah 70 is more than fast enough. You do videos tho so I’m not sure how your uploads go.

To each their own, but I’m not a huge fan of the gameplay. Too many things fucked up. Between bump steals, pathetic and ridiculously effective off ball and press, and the absolutely horrible stumbling animations while catching passes, I feel like this year’s game is clunky as fuck. I actually much prefer 2k18’s gameplay, minus the blow by animations. At least it was fluid and smooth.

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