For anyone who doesn't have Curry

You don’t need dribble sigs to get open. Call for a screen. Speed glitch across the screen. Stop and shoot or rim run. It’s even more glitchy if you have a PnP big.

I’m a park player with a 90 W %. Every sweat in ante up does this. Might as well put on all the myteam players. If you need a tutorial lmk.

If you don’t know how to speed glitch, it’s literally the easiest thing in the game to do. YT it. You can do it out of any dribble move.


Mad easy to do. Surprised its been in the game this long. All the comp myteamers use it .

If you dont have Curry just get a fully badged Deron Williams. Unlimited is ( basically) on rookie anyone can get buckets.

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I think its on pro but yea

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I know how to do it but I never use it. It will probably get patched and a lot of players are going to be lost without it


Yea exactly

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Making whites should be patched too ong


Which console ? Let’s do a stage series on ps4?

They need to patch it and revert the previous speedboost our of the moves
They messed up the feedback and they patched QFS instead of the glitch,and now you can barely move fast out of regular moves :joy:a lot of people was choosing not to do it
Now you need to do it

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classic 2k but by 250k tournament it will 100% be patched

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Next gen all the dribbling will be different so I think it will not be here for sure
On this gen you need it :sweat_smile:

I dont get this community, why use something that is most likely going to be patched? Just like last year when everyone abused the BTB then they felt lost once it was gone lol

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This is why I dont full court pass cheese. Like they have to patch it eventually…right? Lol


I hope so :sweat_smile:

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Not the case
Next gen everything will be different , for now you need to use it to be competitive specially after fucked yo the regular speedboost instead

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I made final 4 in Players Lounge yesterday without any sort of cheese

If you win consistently you cheese in same way ,
But I was talking about being a ball handler and dribbling for those who like to play that way

Is backdoor when defender gets stuck cheese?

Defensive settings r even more important then someone would understand

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It’s the only way you score ?
If you spam something is always “cheese “
Tell me your offense , I will find the cheese there abab
Every video game online have cheese

Back door cuts and curry slide