For anyone into the beatles or music in general

So I was browsing youtube at 3am and i had just finished a video of kid cudi humming and i came across this:
Wow. Do you guys think that paul died but the beatles weren’t ready to end their fame yet?

Looked into that yrs ago. It really makes you wonder. With their money, anything is/was possible. Lots of things point to it being legit.

Want to go down a rabbit hole…read up about how AIDS was manufactured and lab created in the 60’s

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I hear a theory about the government making aids. Don’t know how I feel abt that one

Personally I believe Paul McCartney invented aids and then died from it


That’s a great theory vork


How could he die. You’ve seen him recently old as shit

On topic:

The idea that Paul died seems a bit far fetched.

One of the hardest things to do is to keep a secret. Look at the Astros, these dudes been banging on trash cans for years and the house of cards finally crumbled.

To hide McCartneys death, find a replacement, and orchestrate the story building around that would have involved so many people that someone would have let it slip.

It’s a compelling thought tho, I just feel like too many loose lips exist.

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I wrote a paper on this back in high school actually. A lot of the “clues” are really vague but there was one part of a Beatles song which when played backwards sounds a lot like “Paul is dead man, miss him, miss him”

According to the theory they replaced him with a lookalike and continued on with the band. I don’t really think that happened, but I wouldn’t put it past John to try to stir something like this up.

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Paul McCartney is the most successful songwriter of all time.

If the imposter gets most of the credit for that success, he also gets the blame for “Jet”, Give My Regards to Broad Street, and two decades of mullets. It’s only fair


Looks alive & well in 2015

The whole video was about a double replacing him.

My mom is 67 years old and has been talking about this conspiracy since I was a kid. It’s a bunch of bs.