Focus on Desmond or Sprewell?

Only got room for one to play SG behind Kobe. Really like both of these guys but have realized that I need to pick one to focus on and get to diamond to back up the mamba. Who do you guys think is the better choice? I have Des about 800 points away from diamond and Sprewell just a little bit into his ruby evo

Desmond since u can’t sell him

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I don’t know about on-court effectiveness as I don’t have Desmond Mason but I would just default to grinding Spree > Mason because Spree is auctionable. If that matters to you.

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Both of those answers make sense for the opposite reasons lol

Des for the lineup, Spre for the mt.


Neither, get Stackhouse

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Stackhouse is amazing. Loving him. He just scored 34 points for me in MTU and went 4 of 5 from three. I’m still getting use to meta in MTU but stack making it easier

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cant wait to evolve him. He gets quick first step and a few other goodies

What’s desmond diamond stats?

Fyi im 5 games into all time dom, and had skip quite abit so far, so no ellis/stackhouse.

Planning to grind sprewell up first and see if theres a market for him, before grinding mason.

How I’m thinking about it is that once i’m done with sprewell I’ll consider putting him up if i can get a good price for him, then do mason. That said, am prefering to do sprewell first because I love his realease so much more than mason’s and think I could live with having him in my lineup until the next release I like comes along.

What’s AH pricing like for AM and DI Sprewells?

Tough grind, but should be worth it. I already put a diamond contract on him because the number of games just go get him there will make the contract worth it

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Eventually. Only 4 games into all time rn

I’m grinding out Sprewell because he’s an animal in this game… and I think he’ll choke PJ again if I don’t.


Have you tried Des? If you like Spre I think you’d like him as well. They’re very similar with minor traits that 1 can do better than the other.

I’ve just been buying a bunch of contracts before I evolve them so they’re super cheap :money_mouth_face: It’s only like 4K to give him 99 contacts. :wink:

how do you do that? hmm is it in the collection menu? or lineups

I just make a lineup up real quick, put that player in it by themselves or with whoever else I want to buy contacts for. Then I just hit A/O & go down to purchase contracts & buy 5 at a time. It buys for the whole line up though, that’s why I only put the card or cards I need to add contracts to.


tks man!

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How is Spree as an Amy? Im bout 100 pts from evolving him

I’m close as well, the stats look like he’ll get better defensively.

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