Floor General


does HOF floor general badge increase only the shooting stats? or the playmaking and inside scoring stats too?

Playmaking too. I’m running the CH CP3 and the Players Club Bol Bol offline Triple Threat. A shoe, plus the floor general, turn that Bol Bol to a demon.

Every offensive attribute

so athleticism doesnt go up?

Really? Does it get rid of that slow driving animation where he brings his torso down to his knees while running?

I’ve still had it trigger on a couple times when I didn’t get the boost right. Like I checked his stats mid game. His ball handle went to 88 with the shoe plus FG.

That’s nice! You mean the amethyst right? That’s what I got :sleepy: would have loved the opal

Yeah. Boredom and the amount of packs I can get led me to running some offline to have some fun with the card.

I want to use him in my MTU lineup, he looks better than mo bamba

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Normally I run a 10 man but I’m seriously bout to put him at the end of the bench just cause.

Every offensive attribute 4+ Hof, 3+ Gold …
Hof has another good influence on the shooting percentage but i forgot it.

The highest floor general badge will boost, so only 1 card with hof on court is needed. All other won’t boost.

There’s a good video with all details on 2k lab.



Here’s about the FG badge: