Floor General & Defensive Leader - all available information

So I’ve googled, searched through all the forums and sites I could find (including here), watched Youtubers trying to prove it one way or another, but I haven’t found an exact list of attributes that Floor General and Defensive Leader boost. So I wanted to try to put together all available information in one place and perhaps motivate a certain @6thManSam to find out the rest for everyone if that is at all possible.

What we do know is that the FloorGen badge boosts offensive attributes from +1 to +4 based on the tier and displays the shot% on HOF level. We also know it doesn’t stack. We also seem to know from testing that these boosts don’t show up when you bring up the attributes during a game, but are instead only active in the background somehow. It’s the same with DefLead.

I have also seen people theorize that these badges don’t actually do anything, but the NBA2k Tutes channel on Youtube did prove in an interesting way that Floor General worked in 2k20, via looking at the 3pt% that the HOF tier provides.

From the information given by 2K in-game it seems we are either not meant to know which attributes exactly get boosted, or we’re meant to figure it out on our own or just make our most educated guess. And while it’s relatively easy to presume that for example all scoring attributes are boosted by FloorGen (like 3pt, Mid, Close, Layup, Dunk, Post, etc) and that defensive attributes like Block, Steal, Inside & Perimeter Def are boosted by DefLead, there are some that are not so obvious.

People have long ago figured out that Ball Handle does get affected because of the 86 speed boost threshold, and it was confirmed by 2K Producer Zach Timmerman back when 2k20 was coming out. It also then seems reasonable to presume that the passing attributes get the boost as well, being part of the same Playmaking group.

I was specifically wondering before I started looking into this deeper about Rebounding among other things, and in another one of his tweets Zach did confirm (albeit also for 2k20) that FloorGen boosts Off Reb and DefLead boosts Def Reb. So that is helpful when thinking about adding shoes for your big men, cause together with coach boosts, you might not need to add a rebounding one and can instead boost something else.

I haven’t been able to find any mention of whether the Mental attributes are affected (Pass Perception, Def Consistency, etc – not to mention how hard it is to find out what they actually do in-game), but it seems reasonable to presume DefLead does boost them.

And it also seems reasonable to presume that Athleticism attributes are not boosted, as they are not specifically offensive or defensive. Well, perhaps with the exception of Speed with Ball (only used on offense) and Lateral Quickness (only defense), so could they be treated differently?

Overall, there are a lot of presumptions involved and only a few official sources, and maybe the way attributes are grouped on the cards has nothing to do with this in the first place, which is why it would be great to at least get a confirmation or myth-busting on all of these theories. But then again maybe 2k want this shrouded in mystery for some non-MyTeam related reason, and there’s nothing we can do about it, cause testing it in-game seems impossible.

In general, these badges are something to consider when deciding your lineup and choosing the shoes you add to your players because for example, you might waste 10-20k MT if you’re boosting a 90 3PT Shot to a 93, while FloorGen’s +4 and Nick Nurse’s +5 might already get you to 99.

If anyone has any additional information, please do share, and of course, do correct me if I got anything wrong.


Very good information!

I don’t think the shot% indicator works on next-gen. I had Magic who has HOF Floor General and nothing was displayed.

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This is accurate info. Floor General boosts all scoring, off rebounding, and all playmaking. Def leader boosts all defensive stats

Ima keep it :100:, I don’t think neither of them work

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I use magic and lillard as my 2 pgs, both have hof floor gen. Pd Giannis also has it. On defense i have mchale applying hof defensive leader to everyone and bobby jones for my bench.

Yeah I use Magic and Lillard who both have it and it doesn’t show up on next gen.

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Right, it doesnt show up, but that doesnt mean the bonuses still arent there.

The way this is written makes it sound like this whole thing is some big conspiracy lmao.

The additional benefits of having the badge has changed on next-gen.

From the badge info: “Additionally, a red ring appears around teammates’ feet when they are in one of their hot zones”


Good writeup, OP. Unfortunately there are a lot of assumptions in it, which is entirely on 2k. They leave so much of their game a mystery, and to what end? It makes no damn sense. They design a game with a good amount of depth in terms of offensive and defensive settings/schemes, player badges and takeovers but explain none of the specifics. Instead we depend on anecdotal evidence and dudes who created entire websites or YouTube channels to try to untangle these mysteries when the answers should be widely available. Meanwhile, they’re taking out quality of life things like being able to set your bench lineup in the load screen before games. What are you doing, 2K? A few examples:

-How many people who play the game even know Series exist?
-Why don’t they just tell us specifically what each badge does and what the stat boosts are instead of the generic statement that accompanies each one?
-Why don’t they tell us exactly what stats correspond to each Takeover so we don’t have to play a stupid guessing game?

This company, man…

Thanks man! I’ve noticed them, but never checked what they meant.