Flexible Release

What does this badge do? I’m wondering what my last shooting badge should be. I have HOF quickdraw, range, deadeye, and green machine. I have one more HOF badge. What should I do? I don’t find hot zone hunter effective even though I have hot zones basically everywhere. By the way I’m an offensive threat (the balanced one)

Look it up on 2klab

Well the answer is hot zone hunter. So if you don’t want that then I dunno…

As for flexible releases, pretty sure it helps on late and early releases. But not really on slightly off releases so unless you’re bad at shooting it’s a useless badge.

If you play park, maybe clutch shooter, that thing kicks in like half way through a park game.

If you play rec/am maybe tireless?

But the answer really is hot zone hunter by a mile.

Hot zone hunter is the best shooting badge, since I equipped it at hof I can’t miss even when I white… If you don’t like that for some reason, go hot start or volume shooter. Flexible is useless unless you mistime your release a lot

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If you mistime your release it has a higher chance of going in anyway