Flawless graded cards

Are flawless cards selling for a significant more amount ? Just got into the game a few weeks ago and not sure on the matter

honestly, my impression is that graded cards go for less, because the MT boost is almost irrelevant anyway and people do not like the visual effect on the card

I must admit I tend not to buy graded cards at all (only made a couple of exceptions because of extra hofs etc, but I would happily pay a few ks more for an ungraded card)

maybe it’s just me, but I have heard similar comments from others

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Graded cards are pointless…makes the card art look bad. I only grade cards for XP and the cards i grade are gold cards I never use lol.


Yeo same here , however I’m totally impartial to them, I only care about the substance of the card personally (hofs, shoe boosts, contract etc) , and since I’m looking for very specific hofs, I would be doing myself a disservice if I avoided them didn’t like them for whatever reason …and I certainly wouldn’t pay more for a meaningless number lol

They do seem to go for less. I have picked up several cards for a very good price that were much cheaper likely because they were graded. If I use the cards often, it does add a few extra coins so I do not mind them but only ever grade one of my own cards because of XP challenge.

P.s you put the bracket in the wrong place lol I think it’s supposed to close after “etc” , get better :slight_smile: (do not allow yourself to be corrected on grammar by a clueless immigrant)

you are probably right … and while English is not my first language (and I do not live in an English-speaking country), a misplaced bracket is a misplaced bracket in any language, shame on me!

ps: technically, a misplaced bracket is not a grammar mistake, probably more a syntax mistake?

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Maybe lol I’m not sure