Flash Pausers - Thanks!

I had 2 MTU games today that I should have lost but the pause timer ran out on my opponent… So easy quit win for me.

Take that flash pausers! :joy:


I’ve had that happen to me too. Ahhh its hilarious and the message that normally follows is funny too.


Lmao that’s great to hear bro. That shit lame as hell… childish

When people flash pause every open layup in TTO and still lose>>>


when People Pause-Cheesin like theres no tomorrow and you’ get your Quit-Win in the first qtr <3 :smiley:

i’m flash pausing when my oponent offballs and I beat him using simple cut to the basket again and again and again…

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I don’t flash pause against offballers anymore cuz if you flashpause and end up losing that’s kinda embarrassing instead I pause on the winning shot for like 10 seconds (only against cheesers/excessive flash pausers though)


I do that too :smiley: then I connect my mic and talk to my oponent :smiley:

“maybe it would be easier for you if you actually try to defend me?” :smiley:


Wow, you must be fun at parties

Thats pretty cool but this community is so TOXIC that even if you get hit with some Momentum or even against off-ball Cheesers, they do the same but trashtalk at the end untill all TOs and Pauses are about to run out. IDK whats the Point doing this. Best example was yesterday evening. I’m running 99,9% REAL PGs - the other 0.01% is switching GO Giannis to PG when I meet against and offball cheeser like yesterday. Mixed up GO-Lineup with PD Giannis at Point, offballin like theres no tomorrow, full court press, just one outlet passt over the whole court to dunk/lay it in. So ive started to fight him with his own medicine. After I was up like 15 in the end of the 2nd qtr he started pausing and put his mic in trash talking and flaming like hell. WHATS THE POINT? I dont get it , People already cheesing like sh*t and not even Play BASKETBALL. Just cheese , throw one pass and tryna lay it in as fast as possible. And when this strategy’s not working out they start to flame People who beat em with their own medicine?



actualy - I am fun at parties :smiley:

I don’t feel guilty when I pause the game on game winning shot and talk trash to shitty oponent. If someone is being toxic and ruins my experience - I strike back.

I make them feel every second till my pause timer expire :smiley:

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The reason I do it is because: I’VE PAID FOR THIS GAME AND I ENJOY IT THE WAY I WANT TO :smiley:

I actually do the same in terms of using real PGs and onballing but switching to a bigger Cheese lineup and offballing back it’s sad how toxic the community is that you have to prepare for that in the first place smh
And ya same shit happened to me last week (luckily just a TTO game)
Dude kept offballing and backing down My Giannis with a PD center (I forgot who) and offballing
So I started euro cheesing with Giannis back
He ended up barely winning (he got bailed like 3 times minimum😡) and then had the audacity to message me after talking smack

I like to think that i only reflect back the same energy I receive in 2k
If someone’s lineup cheesing I cheese back
If someone offballs I offball back (sometimes)
If someone flash pauses I pause back at the end
But for everyone else I just play the game the way it should be and try having fun
There have even been times where win or lose if I had fun in a game I message my opponent and give them props

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So we all played monomaxV tonight

I had this happen to me once in TTO. Some dude that I constantly beat was finally gonna get a W on me and he kept flash pausing. He dunked to make it 20 to something and womp womp his pauses were over. I quit and took the W.

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I like your steez