Flash and Glitched packs today!

Let’s bet here !

Will we get another PD Idols ? Or another promo like Clutch ?

Promo they are going to drop some heat

Trying to rub it in to those they banned



PD Center

Wilt ?

They gonna streach that shit. Probably a promo like Kobe one with loads of cards in it. We’ll probably see some crazy PD reward.

Let me see what dropped last year at the same time

I think it’ll be Wilt honestly. Not gonna be a HUGE name yet but enough to get packs ripped

Dia Tmac in packs and Wilt lock in you say? :joy:

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Idols 1 series shouldnt be finished in season 1, right? So probably its a bigger promo like Clutch was.

Last year we had PD Stockton, Diamond Luka and Mutombo

Its Giannis season. They have to drop 10 Giannis cards anyway. Might as well start tomorrow.


Makes sense to me

2k loves recycling the same early cards every year lol

I’ll say a current diamond PG, like RWB, Harden or CP.

Or they could use the playoffs to leverage a diamond Butler, Bron or AD.

I’m going to guess PD Tom Chambers and Mark Price

They haven’t been dropping current players in form of higher tier colour.

Magic or Oscar, Nowitzki, Drexler, Tim Duncan as the top card is my guess + a budget ruby Lebron. Clutch had very big names /MJ, Kobe, Kareem/ so I expect the same.

How about a Microwave set, all guys who are hot-streak scorers? Just a wild idea that could be fun:
Stephen Jackson
Pistol Pete
Jason Terry
Joe Johnson
JR Smith

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Please no more small PG. I actually like having to play small PG this time of year, it’s just there’s too damn many of them already.

I can’t play all of these at the same time!


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Some of the mtu rewards from last 2 years.

Probably a PD that isn’t a huge name with a bigger name diamond or amethyst. Maybe a current player that’s still playing in the playoffs, like Butler, Tatum, AD, LeBron, or Jokic.