Flash: All Star

Flash: All Star

ugh if vc aint on sale on console im just gonna buy something else(maybe lol)

for you to ask

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Phoenix or magic shaq

Because he’ll have a 3PT shot.


I believe it’s on sale through amazon.

Wait another Shaq?? Where???

If he has a 3 ball oh my god he’s already the best Center Ive used since Opal Yao.

I like it that way. First I was concerned Jordan or Carter might be collection reward. 200 Tokens much easier to pass. And if someone needs the tokens lets say in 1-2 months or later, this set could be worth locking in, if someone likes MJ and Carter and dont mind not to sell them.


thats kinda lame if not through console tho. most people buy through console no?

Hope Chauncey is juiced. Loved his PD last year even with slow ass jumper

Lol I kept one Shaq with contract to sell later on. GG.

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Thought you would be hitting this market crash for the 9th consecutive hour

This Shaq is not gonna be as good as the PD one just released.

Gonna be a Phoenix Suns Shaq lol.


Tokens still relatively worthless. The set reward in this case is basically 1/4 if what you need for a token GO which would go for like 200k on the AH, so equivalent of 50k. No thanks


Think Shaq might be Diamond, cause Nash and Billups were listed in front of him.

my guess is after last time a flash pack had tokens we had a token update so im guessing thats next week or week after


Lmfo sadly need to work, I know life’s not fair :rofl:

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But better than needing to lock a set for Jordan Opal, at least for me.
Opal Collection would mean skyrocket price for Carter. This way I see Carter going for way less than tought.

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