Flash: All Star

Flash: All Star

So what’s the consensus on Bron?

Picked him up for 500k but can’t decide if I actually like him or not. Feels a lot like the Diamond which I could never get used to.

I think I’m the only one that is not excited with those new cards :sweat_smile: I prefer TMac and Roy at sg and Butler and Kawhi at SF. Plus I dont wanna play with Lebron, Wade and Penny are my pg

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I wanna get this MJ but the EVO Kobe hold me back

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Paid 399k for MJ and 560k for Lebron. Feel like I’m going to regret that by Sunday night with All Star cards dropping but oh well.

This Jordan card is different. Lebron is meh


My feelings exactly, LeBron back to the AH it is.

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The cards coming up are gonna be crazy if this what’s being released now… im not buying boxes for at least another month

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I have penny, wade, lebron, magic, Rose, etc. Walt’s still my favorite point guard.

great to hear

I might get Lebron. I have Magic and I am happy with him but I love those defensive badges on Lebron and his 3p shooting.

My goodness, he’ll be really cheap too


Now that’s a budget baller if I’ve ever seen one.

Inb4 temporary Card boost

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I just dropped 40 with bridges, with Kawhi checking him. His standing dunk like shaq lol. Just throw him the ball close to the basket, he standing dunk every time. Lol

Sneaked in and grabbed mj for 380 in a small cluster. Looks like i managed to save 60k. Quite happy with that price.

MJ continues to impress me. Gotta get better with LeBron’s shot for sure but he’s very good, especially in MTU.

…But good Lord, this D-Wade is still my favorite card in the game.

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This LeBron is very expensive.
This LeBron is worth every penny.


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I want to like LeBron. Just can’t get going with him.

What makes him better than Magic, Ben or other options at PG to you?

Edit - Just saw the thread breaking down this question, seems like most shoot better with Bron but Magic is an auto green for me when open.

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If u want LeBron wait til midnight Sunday night, All-star MVP will be in packs then and if it’s a elite top tier player then casuals will rip more packs for him

All-star game in Chicago, LeBron playing with AD, LeBron wants AD to stay in LA, AD from Chicago

AD All-star MVP