Flash 8! Glitched DM Wilt Chamberlain and DeMar DeRozan, Opal Rondo and Ingram and more


here we gooooooooo

Range Wilt yessir

please have 80 or lower 3ball I got 7 3pt grinches lol

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With Dark Matter Kareem and now a Dark Matter glitched Wilt, D Rob is officially dead. He lasted what, two weeks?


Not even buddy not even


Not dead for the no money spent crowd. Lol.


My guy he’s gonna have like a 92 3-ball

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Honestly, I have Phil so as long as he has a 70 three ball I’m good and it’ll be higher than that.

probably lol I can hope tho. I’m not very confident bc the diamond glitched gobert had 92 and that was ages ago

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so is every card thats not the absolute best at its position considered dead?


That’s one of main reasons I didn’t bother grinding for DRob. I was waiting for Kareem and knew others would be coming soon. 2K has to release the heat this month with MLB releasing in a couple weeks.

I wonder if they changed his release because it don’t look like that chest pass upper he normally shoot

They will for sure, they did it for jokic and dirk

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Why Klay look kinda tall here?

Don’t engage in this conversation please… with all due respect

because he’s 6’7"?

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Opal Wilt Lockers been in shambles since day one tuff

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Geez if they change his release… he’s not just the best card in the game, he might be the best by FAR