Flash 2! PD Anthony Davis!

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seems a bit early for another flash

If you ever want to guess what’s coming you should always guess Flash. You’ll be right at least half the time at least :slight_smile:


I think with not a lot of attention in MyTeam this year it’s going to ramp up and get very ridiculous very fast to draw attention to the mode.

They know people get excited for PG Giannis, I would not be surprised if we got a PG Bol Bol this year if sales stay low.


Does that mean James Harden? The beard?

yeah. if you have an iphone… and you type “beard” that emoji comes up as like a replacement.

so we’re getting the Harden and AD tomorrow…. if harden gets gold qfs and good speed he’ll be good. other than that he won’t be that good… assuming he’ll be sg/sf

Please no more short sg/sf , we need a good pg.

We didn’t get a PG eligible Harden until late February last year, probably going to be the same this year unfortunately

I wonder what other cards we going to get and will vince or Kareem price be affected.

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I want Dikembe’s price to drop. He seems to be the only must have card so far. I keep getting outbid at the 185K range.

I feel like it’s HOF clamps glitched James Harden

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Another bonus reason is also they released base set with historic players. Probably 70% of em were useless on day 7 and 90% does not draw kids attention. This was kinda inevitable.

I actually want him to have hof space creator. Cp3 has his double stepback & it is a move that creates a lot of space this year, brakes ankles too. His release is slow so it is not deadly but with a faster release & hof badge it would do some serious damage.

Has Harden ever been really good in 2k? I ask because I only played since January of last season and I didn’t see any good Harden cards. Now AD on the other hand his cards are usually always at least really solid.

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2K MyTEAM devs do a poor job with Michael Jordan and James Harden. They should be absolutely elite in game but they are never top 5 shooting guards in game.

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That drives me crazy especially with MJ, they should find a way to make him at least one of the best cards in the game.


Totally agree. Harden never makes sense in 2k. I mean the guys can shoot crazy 3’s, drive past anyone, good dunker and one of the best steals guys in history. He should be the meta in 2k.

Harden was very good during 2k18 and 19 early game

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You guys don’t enjoy MJ cards? I wait for a god MJ every year. He’s always one of the top defenders and if you use him like MJ he’s pretty unstoppable

I hope to let all of you know that ad wont be as good as dikembe or a karrem or a wilt because he will get bullied in the post