Fixing MyTeam For NBA 2K21 - My Comprehensive Suggestions

Hey guys, I just wanted to share some ideas I’ve been thinking over in regards to ways they can improve NBA 2K21 MyTeam. I’ll be focusing on the different modes and content and not actual gameplay because I don’t think I’m good enough to be commenting on gameplay. If someone else wants to expand on gameplay changes that would be great. I’ll be breaking it down section by section and expanding on my ideas for each part.


I think in general people are content with how Domination works. It’s boring but it’s rewarding, but can be improved upon.

- Change quarter lengths from 5 to 4 minutes .

One of the reasons why people skip Domination or stop after the current day one is because it’s a big time sink and playing against the CPU is boring. Shortening quarters by even 1 minute would save you something like 4-5 hours of time if you finished all 3 stages.

- Bring back reward choices for each stage of Domination

In previous years you were able to choose your final player reward for each stage of Domination from 3 options. Bring this back; having options and choices is always a positive.

- Move Domination related Agenda tasks to Domination

This one may sound a bit confusing so let me clarify. Currently in the Agenda section of the homepage we’re often given task related to Domination even if you’ve already completed Domination entirely. The rewards are often something like 300MT so it’s not worth it to go back and replay a Domination game. This clogs up the Agenda rewards with unfinished tasks every day. Instead what they should do is have an extra optional task for each specific game of Domination. This way as you work your way through Domination you can choose to accomplish the additional goals for extra rewards. For example “Beat the Miami Heat with 2 players from the Dallas Mavericks for an extra Token”.


People in general seemed pleased with TTO Offline this year, offered some decent rewards but again the same issue is that it gets boring pretty damn fast. There isn’t much you could really change, it’s a pretty straight forward mode. I could only think of one.

- Increase minimum Vault Token reward to 3 and minimum MT reward to 1500MT

A slight bump in reward minimums would go a long way in my opinion. Getting at least 3 Tokens feels like you’re actually accumulating them as opposed to 1 at a game. And a minimum MT amount of 1500 combined with the 300MT you get from playing the game and any additional MT from your games played reward adds up to a decent amount.


I was personally excited when they initially introduced the Agenda goals this past Summer but they really fell flat and 2K clearly didn’t care enough to update them. I think there’s a lot of room for improvement.

- Offer 3 daily goals that reward either a themed pack, Tokens or MT

99% of the daily rewards were like 250-400MT with the occasional Token here and there. Instead what I think they should do is offer 3 daily tasks and have each one offer a different reward. Have one reward you with a theme pack, one reward you with 1 to 3 Tokens and the last one can be MT with a minimum of 1000. This provides you variety and actual incentive to complete them on top of my earlier suggestion of removing Domination daily tasks from the Agenda. This way your daily Agenda goals would come from playing TTO, TTOF, MTU, etc…


Does anyone actually do these? 2+ hours of CPU games for 2000MT and 6 Tokens is awful in my opinion when you can play TTO and get 20+ Tokens and 5000+ MT in a litter over 1 hour.

- Increase rewards

Not too much to say about this. Make it worthwhile and people will do it.


A lot of the issues with MTU is focused around gameplay which I won’t address as I mentioned earlier. There are some other changes that I think would really benefit the playerbase.

- Get all previous tier rewards when you lose 3 games

Maybe this is too much, maybe not, but I know personally that if I go like 10-2 and I get a pack with an Emerald, a couple thousand MT and like 10 or so Tokens that it did not feel worth it at all to play for all those hours. Instead, if you lose 3 games or run out of games by going 11-1, 10-2 then you should get all the rewards from the previous tiers as well. That would be a lot of rewards, so they could also decrease the amount of rewards for each tier a little bit to balance it out a bit.

- Match players within 1 tier of their highest tier card

We all know about overall cheesing, running an Opal with some Sapphires, Silvers, etc… it’s not fun to run into that if you’re a newer player or someone just wanting to run a lower tier team. Matchmaking should be adjusted so that if you run a team comprised entirely of Sapphire players for example, then your opponents highest tier card would be Ruby for example. This would help curb overall cheesing because if you’re running an Opal you wouldn’t be paired with someone running an all Emerald/Sapphire/Ruby team.


I think we can all agree with 2K severely lacks online mode variety. They really need to address this for 2K21. I have some suggestions for game modes that I think would be fun.

- A draft mode that can be played 3v3 or full 15 man rosters

Have a mode where you’re offered a set of 3 cards to choose from and pick 1. Proceed like this until you get 3 players chosen or 15 for a full roster game. This would be fun, you would have entirely different teams each game and you’d be using cards you might otherwise never use and would let you try out cards before buying them.

- Random MT Wager games

2K would probably never do this, but I figured I would mention it. Having a separate game mode where you could wager random players MT in a winner takes all game. 2K can take the MT from both players and release the total to the winner after the game. They would have to include a 5-10% tax on this probably. It would have to be completely random though otherwise people would easily transfer MT to each other.

- Bracket Tournament

If you guys have played the newest Call of Duty, you’ve probably seen that they have a hop in tournament mode running for a while (not sure if it’s still there) essentially the game would find 16 players, put them in a bracket for 1v1 matches and winner goes on. I think this is something 2K could easily implement, maybe in a 3 man roster format. Play against others in a bracket and the Finals winner gets some sort of reward. Nothing too complicated, easy and fun.


There’s a lot I would change about packs, but it wouldn’t be realistic so I would just include my realistic suggestions.

- List odds for player pulls in game

2K had to list their pack odds on their European website because of laws implemented in European countries. They won’t unless compelled by law, but they should be including those odds in game so people can see what their chances are.

- Bring back the topper

Nothing worse than opening a 10 pack box and your best pull is a Ruby Chris Paul. Bring back the Topper from previous years so you get at least something useable.

Sorry for making it so long, I wanted to get my ideas through clearly and elaborate a bit on each ones. I might add more as I think of things. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for reading.



I seriously think a draft mode would bring in so many more people into myteam. Although in madden, you have to spend coins to play it. I hope if 2k adds a draft mode its free to play.


Do you enjoy full 5 minute quarter Domination games?

Yes expect with Evo

Its like 9k coins. Even if you get eliminated right away you get 8k and a pack. So its not bad.

I been saying for awhile that freestyle needs added features. Would love to practice with my full team, run plays, etc. Also wish they would give you a choice to freestyle online or offline. Getting timing down on jumpshots doesn’t do any good once you hop into mtu or tto. Need to practice with the same latency as you will play with to be effective imo…


Great addition I didn’t even think of. The ability to practice plays would be huge.

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Yeah ik, but mtu is free to play and you get rewards for winning. I think in the draft mode you should only get rewards for winning

Right. I practice playbooks from the main menu alot, but you can’t just plug and play 100% smoothly. With every player having different animations, stats, builds, etc. Plays run alot different based on personnel…

Evos were a good addition but made obsolete too quickly. They should make them more usable and reward you for grinding them by recognising them as their original tier, much the same as vs cpu in TTOff. If PD Kareem, or PD Kidd, counted as a sapphire in MTU and let you match up with lower tiers they would be much more valuable and useful.

Rewards like Opal Wilkins should be much better. 1000 games, 7000 minutes of playing time, should get you a (close to) end game card.

They also need to be more consistent with tiers. A 96 PD at the start should have similar stats to a 96 PD released now. Yes they can add more badges to make them more appealing and relevant, but ratings shouldn’t change. An 89 Ruby should not have more stats than a 96 PD just because it was released later in the year

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Weeklies and Spotlight challenges need to be one mode. There should be a spotlight player each week.

Rewards are better in mut though. 8k mt and 20 token for going 12-0 again? :grimacing:

This should be something also for 2k youtubers, esp for the ones who quit the game. Honestly important to ask those guys what we need to make em want to return. Idk If @ItsShake4ndbake would ever return, but i sure miss him and his 2k vids. I still support him tho… If 2k will listen then this game would be 100% better but def need them to listen. Problem is money is #1 thing and they wont respond to any criticism, look at TBG for example… If y’all want change stand up for the community and stop buying packs. 2k having empty wallets would mske em listen. Shake being done with 2k and we should follow

They need remove the locker code LC is valuable

Agreed. Perhaps they could do a max stat rating - like Rubys only go up to 3200 overall, Diamond 3400, PD 3500, etc

Ratings just awful. It started 2 years ago when every player got a 95+ cards but rn with this 30+ hof badges its unplayable online. The first months are the best gameplay wise.
My other issue is the reward players. They should comes with a diamond contract, so u just can use them “free”.
And we need new online gamemodes. Unlimited is too stressfull. The offline part is great, way better than the fifa ultimate team.

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At least FIFA offline has squad battles to do objectives, and it constantly refreshes and you get some rewards.

In 2K you can finish all offline content and then have nothing to do. A draft mode, online and offline, like FIFA, would help a lot.

Still play FIFA has single player seasons best mode all the videogame sports

No contracts like MUT
Option to play domination at superstar/hof
No glitches players- what’s the point of position locks if lebron/Giannis are pgs in this game
More realistic ratings/badges - long shot but Ben Simmons and Shaq shouldn’t be able to shoot, no centers should be faster than pgs, etc
Better offline content like mut or spotlight challenges

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