Fix dwade 2k

His gold has them, his ruby doesnt, and his amythest doesn’t, his diamond does, need a little more consistency 2k, make them atleast reflect the image on the card, everybody that watched that game saw he was wearing his 1 arm sleeve and 2 leg sleeves, you fixed tmac, now lets fix wade, just take his model from the 13 heat in play now and move it over to myteam, problem solved

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Lmao this is the last thing they need to “fix” got bigger issues breh

The bigger issues never get fixed, it took them like a week to fix tmac, the least the could do is fix wade

That was diamond TMAC that they fixed, they didn’t even fix the Amy until the diamond came out. I don’t think they fix this now.

Tweet it.

I am not trying to be an A-hole with this post, but do people really care about this stuff? I care about attributes and badges along with gameplay.

Some of you needed to be around in the EA Sports Bird vs Magic days on Sega Genesis…

Understandable, but still, as a consumer, i want to feel like im playing with that player when i use the card, i want to relive moments that player has had in real life thru the game, maybe thats just me, but i care about the comestics of the game, i dont want to see inaccurate player models

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