Fishy new moments

I am sure they will have stats updated…some very odd stats

Lol no stats will be updated


What are some the stats in question ?

Nope, they’re basing it off stats from the actual games this year. That’s why Kyrie has a low free throw and lebron has a low block.


Depends on how hard u push on twitter

I dont care enough to take to twitter…but giving ad a 65 block is rediculous. Isnt he top 3 in the league bpg most seasons?

Moments are more game-based. So if AD were to hit 7/9 3PT on the way to a 60 point game he will get 90+ 3PT stats

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I get that and it makes sense, but by the same token if kyrie took no layups in a game but scored 10 3s with a qaud double would he have poor inside game?

I see what you’re saying.

IMO, I think they should base the core stats of their '19 collection card.

So the Floor for ANY Anthony Davis card (unless its a rookie card) should be 80.


I think they might update the free throw rating on some of these


rofl this is a scam

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Overall ratings and card tiers are a crock of shit, they use it to sell packs more than they do to indicate which cards are better. You’re better off calculating the overall ratings on your own.


you mind sharing your google doc?

I like what you did but I wanted to see if it was possible to add a score to intangibles like release speed as this has more of an impact than any badge or rating

Current moments rating system > 2k18 moments rating system


Well it really wouldn’t be a moments then, if you base off core stats from 19 collect I think Kyrie has like a 84 bass 3 pointer but if he gets a 60 moments but shot like 0-6 from 3 he doesn’t deserve a 84 3 pointer

I’d have to clean it up because it’s not very user friendly outside of me lol

For reference: original diamond LeBron: 82.40 new diamond LeBron: 83.02. So he’s better by 0.62 OVR points.

I do love the current moments system better. Now at least they are not forced to make the new moment card better than the old card, at least not in every category. By this we won’t have many cheap OP moments card early in the cycle.



Lebron should generally have a low block though, he isnt a good blocker bar a chase down here and there.

Yes… But that’s tons of work. I wish I could download the data from MTC or MTDB into an excel file to work from there. Depends on position and type of player the same attribute might also weights differently. 25 moving 3 for a big and 70 moving 3 for a big actually doesn’t make any difference. But on paper that’s +/- 45 in total attributes

I have a spreadsheet that does it, you just have to copy & paste from 2KMTC exactly into the file, I’ve been meaning to clean it up and share it

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