First year Madden is a higher quality game than NBA 2k

Rented 2k20 at a redbox. Not impressed. Step your game up 2k. If anyone has any recommendations on what the best game mode is currently or what will be the most rewarding during my rental period I would love to hear. I’ve already dipped my toes into both MyTeam and MyPlayer and just want to hear thoughts of people who’ve put a bit more time in. Also fine if you disagree. This is just my opinion after playing both games.



Ehhhh I played Madden and it felt the same it always had and thats nothing like the NFL.

I think Next Gen they can finally replicate offensive and defensive lineman.


Madden has way too many facets of their game based around spending money

Who’s the best amethyst in my team currently? Also what have you been doing in MyTeam? Unlimited, Triple Threat or one of the offline challenges/domination? I also agree too much is around spending money but at least they let you know the chances on packs and stuff. It just feels less shady. They also really improved this year compared to last. Doesn’t seem like 2k has improved.

Chief last time I checked madden just had a promo where you have to spend $200 to get the higher tier players… on top of the fact that fumbles are OP and I don’t even like 2ks practices

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Desmond Mason or MJ. I’ve done half of domination, and I’m at 140 triple threat wins. And I’ve sniped my way up to 100k. At 70k now cause I’m locking sets

Without the money I still think its better this year. More variety of gameplay. You can buy a team in 2k also.

No you can’t. Packs are not guaranteed

If I get $100 worth in Madden, I’ll get elites guaranteed. In 2k I could get 20 sapphires


Ye but rn best players are earned through grinding

People can buy MT in both games and just buy the players they want.

Whats the best mode to grind?

Triple threat offline

Mut is 10x more rewarding than 2k has ever been, but both games try there best to make players spend as much money as possible.



Yeah because the game just came out…

I enjoy 2k bc i like basketball more but MUT is a thousand times better than myteam