First trade?

which one and when will the first trade ho down?

Derozan to Miami

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Andre Igoudala to either LA team


Kevin Love to Portland.


ATL package some young’ns and get Trae some help

Aaron Gordon somewhere

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Or this

Don’t know about the first trade but it’s officially trade season so people are about to be moved.

No chance

I think OKC and NYK are looking for younger talents or Draft Picks or Both.

I think Morris and CP3 will be ship to Contenders

I highly doubt CP3 is traded

Not this season at least

Trade would also include Miami sending at least a first round pick

Here’s why both teams say yes:

Miami - gets to offload Waiters and get a serious upgrade to their PF spot. Becomes one of the deepest rosters in the league.

Cavs - Get two large expiring contracts next season giving them tremendous cap flexibility. First round pick + to keep rebuilding


When Waiters is seemingly acting in a way to get traded I would love to see him get shipped from Miami to Cleveland, it would serve him right

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Heat would have a legitimate shot at winning the East if they could work Love into their lineup.

Miami won’t do this because they won’t be left with any cap in 2021 when Giannis and a bunch of other guys are available. If Love was like 28 years old as opposed to 31 then I could see them doing it.


Taking Love kills their 2021 FA hopes.

what u said exactly, that’s why a derozan or aldridge trade is more reasonable yet i don’t want either

I think Miami is better positioned to make a push now then to wait. Herro and Nunn are nice young pieces but I don’t think either are going to attract a FA like Giannis on their own(Bam has also been amazing but his rookie contract will be up after next year). With the east pretty much wide open and no juggernaut like GSW out west I think it makes a lot of sense.

Jimmy/Jones Jr

thats a crazy deep 11 man rotation and gives them a lot of flexibility in the playoffs. I don’t see any scenario where Heat trade for Derozan as he would likely have negative synergy with Butler on the court.


pat riley has confidence he can get a free agent in 2021, whether it be giannis, oladipo, beal, etc.

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