First Thing You’re Doing on Launch?

Curious to see what’s the move to start? Grind for domination or complete the wade challenges and get Alonzo?

Dom , gonna get Tmac to Ruby pull some packs with the 100k vc stack my Gualla


Gonna pull some packs. And snipe and flip my butt off until I have a bunch of MT. After I’m happy grind either TTO or that Wade challenge

last year the best order was:

  1. 12-0 MTU for Finley (12-0 is a cake walk day 1 with all the noobs and while no one has OP cards)
  2. TTO offline while board 7 was juiced
  3. Dom

Find out what I need to do to get the Wade to PD, hopefully I can do some of it during Dom games. I’m going to always try to be working towards multiple things at once. Evolving cards and doing offline stuff will be my early dual focus.

Pull packs and go for Zo

Diamond Zo and Hakeem pairing Day 1 Or whatever the top Amy/Ruby big is and grab Tmac

Grind Domination.

Feast in MTU


Going for a bike ride, maybe go to a movie


Play a bit dom, then jump to MyCareer.

installing the game


Make my playmaking slasher.

Shit is going to be LIT, my friends are picking pure sharp and a stretch.

Open lanes for days.


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Also work on my dribbles moves with the new system

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September: buy packs with the legend edition bonuses and play domination to try out gameplay, badges and playbooks and get to know all the players again
October: build a competitive team and play MTU while it’s still sane
November: quit MT and play MLO exclusively


Depends if this game is more like 2k19/2k17 or more like 2k18.

Flip that 50K into 500K.

Bronze Igor it to 12-0

Get some Diamond contracts on some bums and grind TTO until my eyes bleed, get those 1K wins.


Definitely like 19, seems like a carbon copy

I’m probably gonna start with my team and then play my career

For players who got some free time too, they can buy evo cards for cheap, make them evolve to their max and then sell them for MT profit

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