First PD

Based off of this lineup, who fits my team best?

Probably Grant Hill.

You already have bigs (take out duncan and mutumbo)

You already have shooter (take out Pierce)

You don’t need Stockton

Grant will be all around

That’s who I’m leaning towards

probably wouldnt use any of the PD rewards if i had your team haha

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agreed, id prolly wait and see if they ever make the token market meaningful

That’s how I felt too, but you gotta make some sort of decision lol

That’s what I’m doing, I currently have 430 tokens (still need to unlock 5 more in diamond) so I’m about 20 toekns away from my first PD, but I’m not in a hurry to unlock one yet.

Want to see if they add any

when I get to PD market I’m taking Hill then not spending another token until I have enough to get a Galaxy. The rest of the PD market is already replaceable and who knows if they are gonna add more PD to the PD market.

lol honestly, who ever i pick is going to tto

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with that being said, which is the best to use in TTO - maybe that’s a better question lol


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