First opal off the board?

Need some opinions on who to pick, got enough tokens
Team will be
Simmons, rice, jerry, kemp, Dwight
Wes/Pete, dr, Rudy, LA12, wilt
Tmac, Giannis
Needs some opinions on who to choose

DeRozan is easily end game sg/sf. Great card. Tmac clone


derozan over jr, amare to the starting lineup and kemp goes to the bench, or drob over howard

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Would be Derozan but you look set. I’d go DRob


Too loaded at sg with tmac, dr, Rudy, rice to spend 750 on another 2 lol

sell tmac run derozan trust me
free up that mt

derozan literally same animations except size up and step back everything else the exact same

same release and everything

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his size up is actually better than tmacs i agree.

Tmac lockkkkked in

Ah that’s an L

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Lol dwights still in my lineup so still a W until something free comes, is it weird that I also remember how good Duncan’s pd was and that interests me a little

Bruh dwight ain’t a W at this point that’s the shambles speaking my friend.



I take one three a game with my pf/c it’s not all about meta if you can abuse people in the post

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