First ever PD pull

Got him on my second 10 box (didn’t even mean to buy the second one, lagging and clicked it!)
Keep or sell?


Congrats, man. I would flip him while he still has a lot of value, and eventually buy him back if you don’t mind the wait. The card’s going to be great either way, so I would recommend using him one way or another.

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How much are the boxes? 150k for a 10 pack right?

I think they were about 67k each

67.5k for 10s , 135k for 20s

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Thank you

Congrats my one PD pull this year is nurkic


Nurk is a monster on D.

I pulled Nurkic too on the super moments packs lol. I was down 500 K MT and he was going for 35 K. Still have him and have checked him recently.

Appreciate it man, I put the white Kobe’s on him, I might miss out on some MT by not selling now but he is a monster!

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