First DM this weekend?

I think we have very good chances we may get first DM this week - or next one - don’t think that 2k is going to allow Gary Payton to be alone. Wonder if it’s going to be Pistol Pete - just to screw collectors :slight_smile:

I would think it is too early. Not many opals out there. I bet we see the first DM on the last Friday drop of the season. Best to have everyone grind for limited and level 40 and then pull out the rug at the last second. No reason any free card should be playable for mare than a few days.

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Nah any GO98 released so far , too soon

First auction card DM will come the Friday before the last 250K qualifier is my guess.

collecter level grind is real.
use him as much as u can while he’s the best.