First Amy reward!

Which Amy reward is the best one? Dirk is the most selected among them but Idk

Petrie is the best


You could get dirk, or Geoff but not taking dirk first would be a crime

Petrie is the most relevant. Dirk is next. I played a multiplayer challenge last night against a guy who had Ginobli among many other diamond and PD. Dirk hit the game winning buzzer beater. I ran a reward squad for the challenge

Whenever i see a guy running Dirk at the 4 or 5 online i abuse him in the post. He gives so much on D with his speed and overall stats to make up with his stretch abilities. Amy Kat is a way better Dirk, maybe even the ruby one.

I’ll go with Petrie then !!! Need a PG anyway!!!

My first 2 picks were Dirk and Starbury. Both are fire. Dirk is just their for easy buckets, and Starbury is probably the fastest player i’ve used this year. If you’re struggling with fantasy/all time domination, tey can put you over the hump

Geoff Petrie by far

Just make sure you add d stopper. You can add shooting badges if you must but d stopper you can’t do without considering what people run at pg

White d Wade aka GP

You don’t need this Amy’s. I got an budget lineup for you

PG: Darius Miles

SG: Brook Lopez

SF: Jared Jeffries

PF: Karl Anthony Towns

C: Porzingod

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Lmao lopez at the 2, he plays like it too with those boards



This squad cost less than 15k and can compete

Your just asking for blow bys at this point

Rudy Tomjanovich is slept on

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He looked like a solid perimeter pf. I went Bridgeman just because he looked like a fun player to use playing challenges etc. Rudy is my next pick then Bibby and the rest of the garbage heap of Amy’s that are left. If I could ever have the patience to finish dom id be able to get nearly every diamond reward and work towards the Pd market

No one talks Marbury anymore, his like poor mans Iverson, fun card.

Fuck this cheese lineup. Not a single player in their actual position. A center at the 2? Yea ok

I went with Dirk first but that was back when he was probably the best big man in the game