First 50 games with CWebb

All but 2 in TTO, he is absolutely awesome. Averaging 20.3ppg in a game ending at ~21 points is genius. Didnt have as much time as I was hoping, so I spent all my free time playing with him, thus I will make the video probably next week (going to Amsterdam tomorrow). Have like 10-12min of footage, so not sure if I should make one long or maybe two or three.

Trying to score all points with your favourite player is super fun experience for me, by far my most favourite and enjoyable period in all 3 years I am playing 2k.


What position u run him at? The 3 or the 4? Running him with kirilenko and mutombo will be fun lpl

4 ofc. But running almost only TTO for now.

Super jelly. I’m 87 cards away, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Im 400 cards away. Havent collected since ak47 couple months ago lol

Do you have most heat checks?

This are amazing stats.
Take your time(:wink:) and enjoy a trip, videos can wait.

Why he can’t looked in game like on yours gif.

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I think that you must have almost all Heat Checks.
When you do a maths is not a lot card left on the table when you want to get him now.

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All current cards, all heat check, all available throwbacks, cheap moments and throwback elites, the first two promos locked, all but the diamonds from flight school, all but the 12 missing jerseys, every playbook/stadium, rewards through game 5 of all-time dom, all the emerald token guys for the existing throwbacks, the saph/rubies you need to get to the next tier, all the reward diamonds/PDs, all but the diamond coaches, and all the City jerseys.

I’ve been passing on the most expensive cards for a while now (unless they played for the Sixers), just trying to be patient and not blow millions of MT or all my tokens (405 until Wilt). I think in about a month I should have Cwebb, and Wilt not too far behind.

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I wish I would’ve stuck it out for Webber!

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Damn, thats some dedication. Ill slowly snip at it and use vc for heat checks do i dont use all my mt lol. Might take a couple weeks whilst trying to keep all my mt. I had every jersey but 5 at one point. Then i sold back and now im buying pack lol

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Really on the jerseys? It’s been widely assumed that there are 12 that just don’t exist. I’ll have to start checking the auction house again.

I still have to repeat to myself to not even try it.
I would love to have this card for my all time King’s squad.
But all this grind looks unreal.
Half of Heat Check cards are missing and the other half cost fortune.

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I think I’m the only one that actually cares about the stats on my players so I only play triple threat with a C squad lol

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2nd year in a row where CWebb is a hard to obtain reward. I hope he gets an Opal

2K seems to shy against replacing the very top tier reward cards. Possible, but I think it’s unlikely.

I think it took me over a month to grind out all the heat checks, and no idea how much MT. Your best bet is to wait for the next big moments drop, they were fairly cheap during the diamond LeBron period.

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Yeah i sniped for collection from the start so if i had jerseys from the start that got taken out, it br interesting. I might of sold some of the rare jerseys -.- lo