First 2K21 Token Rewards/Market Prediction

I’m Back, although technically never did leave…

I still was here but this thread I’m making so I can do my predictions ( which I said I wouldn’t but I figure why the heck not :sweat_smile:

Anyways here’s my prediction for content for the next one( Yes we just got a new season today and I’m saying that the next one will be the first opal card).

My prediction is that the first one is someone like this:

An older player likely Havlichek or someone that or a good center(seems to me that 2k is releasing decent ones early on maybe?) perhaps like a Hakeem or Moses.

Anyways, I’m going to ask y’all to comment what you think for a market update next season. Its definitely gotta be the first season for an opal since this one just started with an opal reward card.

Thought u gone lol

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I see an opal bob cousy in our future

Yeah I just can’t leave y’all though…

I’ve still got a lot on my mind though lately but its too hard to leave y’all for me.

Opal embiid

At this rate I’ll have over 2 thousand tokens by Season 4. I don’t even want PD Mo Lucas since I have nowhere to play him (unless the reviews are crazy for him).