Fire Event Tomorrow

Fire Event Tomorrow

2 tokens for every TTO win


Token Madness


I bet the tokens on the drop will be significantly toned down so it works out about even with every other day grinding.

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you’re probably right I remember last time this event came you could make like 75-100 tokens in a 2 hour time slot, plus MT/packs is pretty good

Sort the pack drop out in the morning, then chase tail tomorrow not tokens

What’s the point when there’s nothing to use the tokens on?

I think we get another token update in the next couple weeks it’s better to have em then need em. Still think D Rob is best C in the game and Penny is top 5ish point if you don’t have either of them yet.

Forgot to thank you for posting this, so thank you. I already redeemed all the opals, hoping there will be an update, but with opals in pack, not even that excited about the token rewards

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yeah tokens for sure aren’t as valuable this year as last. need to redeem one more opal for that 150K MT is what i’m really after lol

i started pretty late. just opened opal market. better save for now? or take drob?

D rob is a beast. Only tokens I spent that felt worth it.

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can drob handle yaoming? damn i was once got hooked to death. mark eaton can’t handle him. maybe it’s just me bad on the post.

yeah he can hold yao I think he is still the best C in the game and is green with the meter off

Too bad there worthless


for sure not as valuable as last year but D Rob and Penny are still top 5 at their positions

I already have them with 1500 tokens cards

you set for next drop then

Drob can handle anyone. But i think you should Wait until next drop, while still getting tokens. If they drop something bad grab drob

second this