Find the hole

First unit ultimate drive n dish squad

Second unit very athletic and defensive runs the floor good

Future Upgrades : gotta start saving :’)

Mullin—> GO Kobe
Melo—> GO Lebron
AK—> GO Durant (yes I think at some point down the line AK will become outdated (YES I said it) cuz they are already addressing the contest/shot system I’m sure they will make GO cards much much better than him badging wise and statistically (don’t believe me look at his card last year card had BEAST stats and versatility and was dirt cheap (no base 11 tho) but yet no one used him in favor of juiced HOF badged cards just wait and see)

and of course I’m finna have to upgrade magic and Jordan to their GO eventually :woozy_face:

but other than that , I can’t see many holes in this doghnuT

I think you can affordably do better than Melo at starting SF, unless you’re a big fan of his.

Maybe replace with Dr. J when you can get him

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His O is unreal (if u know , u know) … and I’m decent on the stix so he goes from piss poor to slightly below avg on D haha

But ya def better all around options on The market … but his O game id day is just short of granger/hedo/AK and select ppl will attest to this

You have Melo and Mulin starting and Hill comming of the bench ???

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Diff play styles for the starters /bench