Finally went 12-0

Kareem was key.

I noticed every competitive player was using a diamond defensive coach so I started to do the same . Nine out of 12 games were sweaty. Had to slow the game down when I felt the cheese equalizer kicking in to keep the game close and not shoot 3s cuz it ain’t going in when 2K wants the game to be close

Ran 3 opals and one Amy and diamond. Bronze bench …luckily didn’t face any ultra god squads . Eg 8 million mt teams. Altho glitched shaq outrebounded Kareem.


You paired GOAT Kareem with some Amy’s and bronzes? lol dirty


Bronze bench lol. 87 over all . I faced 85 to 89.

But yeah you need a top card to contain Kareem .

Basically it seems everyone is running the most defensive squad they have it now …since everyone can shoot 3s

I am currently 6-0 with a 5 man, I run Campus Magic, GOAT Kobe (sometimes I run Glen rice too) Robert covington, Siakam and Hakeem. Do you think this lineup is good enough? Should I switch to Gregg Pop or continue to use Nurse?

I ran Covington also !

I think try a defensive coach (maybe try it on your next run and not screw up your flow) and make sure you don’t chuck too many threes. Whenever I use defensive coach I hesitate to shoot unless wide open.

I ran Amy Bonga. He is solid on defense. I didnt face full opal squads last two games . Luckily matched up with people running a ruby or Amy .

I also made sure to take a break and play a few tto games in case 2K doesn’t want me to win too many games in a row lol.

I had butler and cowens which are very good defensively

Alright bro thank you! but yea I usually play 1 or 2 games a day because 2k be hoe’ing me and I also wanna finish those bird challenges and play TTO! Do you feel like you struggle to shoot when you use a defensive coch?

Wow, this pairing seems lucky. When I’m playing with my 88 squad I’m facing 90% of the time higher ranked teams. Usually 3-4 godsquads. But nonetheless grats, this run is a struggle.

I got lucky . I was getting screwed with god squads and eq. I actually lost a game against a non opal squad where everything they shot went in. Nate Robinson was blow bye over GOAT Kareem …Shaq and contested 3s went in for them 100 percent of the time. It was ridiculous.

Unless they are elite shooter eg 97 and above …it doesn’t seem to go in as much versus other coaches.