Finally the grind for AK47 is over!

Happy that I made it to him finally. It slowed down with the last cards since I already had all the cheap stuff like jerseys, arenas, balls, playbooks. I think I wouldnt have made it without the tips and infos from this site and from you guys. Thanks for that.

I have doubts to go any further since 500 (!!!) more cards is the next reward with that 100k and CWebb even 750!!! Honestly I feel there should be something at 1500 cards also but it is what it is.


Congrats man! AK is a beast.

I’m 95 from Webber right now, it’s an unbelievable grind.

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Congrats man. He’s the most inconsistent card in the game.

Thanks. I cannot imagine the grind at that card level. At this point you gotta cop those Amys moments and Diamonds :open_mouth:

If you reach Cwebb soon its well worth it I think. For me most likely not since by the time I reach Cwebb (if I would ever reach him) we already have an AD, KG and Giannis with 10+ HOF badges :laughing: