Finally sold pd magic. Who to replace with?

I’m sad but I’m not about using players that everyone has. Had a good run with magic but time to move on. I currently have limited hibachi as my starter. Any recos off the bench?

I was thinking of picking up diamond curry again since I had his release down pretty well. But open to suggestions.

Honestly diamond kyrie has been very fun for me worth looking at one w a good shoe + he’s very cheap

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Which moments? I used the first one that dropped and found he was nice but didn’t necessarily wow me.

Scottie at point

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The second kyrie moments is better

I’m currently running him at the 2. You think scottie at the 1 off the bench is better?

Hibachi is a lot of fun.


Yep. I have the limited as my starting PG.

If you play him at the one and get a good shooter at the 2 it’s lethal

PD Grant Hill is great at PG if you have him.

I wish. I’m still 4 diamond reward unlocks away from PD tier.

I too sold Magic after playing against so many people who also had him. I got the second moments Kyrie and maaaaaan he is so good so far

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Jamal Murray is straight cash. Release is a bit slow, but moving 3 is deadly

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Kyrie how’s his 3? Also around what price?

Cool. How’s his price?

You can find him for about 40-45k. Really cheap, got all the shooting badges you could want too!

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His 3s have been good for me, I green a good amount of leaning ones more than anything, he’s probably going for 555-70k right now.

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You think he could take on PD Rondo?

Probably, I just started running some plays to get him spacing in MTU and I’m 4-0 right now. Haven’t run into Rondo yet, but have faced Magic twice already

Ive had Magic since the pack drops a while back and some game I love him and other games I feel he just doesnt do it for me. I think im gunna sell him off and run Hedo at 1 and PD Hibachi off the bench. Magic HOF dimer is the truth but I hate his dribble animations and he gets stripped wayyy to often to be Magic Johnson.