Finally onto the Galaxy Opals: Best way to get tokens fast and how much MT to lock in all Heat Check Collections?

Looking to figure out how long it’ll take to reach 750 tokens. So far I’m only at 21 lolol. I’ve had bad luck with getting them lately.I know MTU is great and I’m also curious to see how much each Heat Check collection is gonna cost… I need to get all of them done except one and like 3 more currents done lol

HC collections cost 75 k vc if you dont rush it on xbox

if you are good +godsquad and can get a lot of ppl to ragequit, MTU is the best way to grind tokens.

If you didn’t do domination you should do it but it’s fucking painfull and borring. Netflix can help you to grind this

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I have it done already so doms not a worry anymore just too long…I think best time to go for heat checks is when more Moments cards are dropped. I’m playing a ton of TTO lately and barely get the tokens at all. I played almost all day yesterday lol.I haven’t been getting diamond packs either. MTU is really great though for sure. I have currently as some of my players for my team PD Drexler( bought yesterday) , Rick barry, Mutumbo, grant hill, Diamond Kawhi, PD Duncan and i dont use that pierce bc he isnt good for me at all lol

we might get a moment embid and giannis so you should be able to get some hc cards for cheap

That’s what im hoping for aha. Im gonna be sniping those and silvers tonight. I had done the hornets ones before already when they dropped the code for the packs and they became super cheap. Hopefully they drop a nice token code or something good today

I have both worthy and wilt, it took me a month basically to get 750 tokens with only 4 throwback teams that I locked in, lots of grinding tto and mtu always aiming for tokens in locker codes no matter what is in the pack

only time i dont try for tokens is if theres a diamond pack. I definitely should try as hard as i can tho for them

The 2nd opal was a serious grind, also did the 12-0 glitch a lot to get the tokens for him, if you have a friend that really helps

i have a few friends who play lol. one does more than me and hes decent at the game

I’m sorry but I am never going to understand the reasoning for locking in sooooooo much MT for tokens, for players you can then never sell. There’s just so much $$$ that could be made from selling your MT at the end of the year rather than letting it rot once 2k20 comes. Like there aren’t gonna be auctionable GO’s soon…

Once you lock in everything after that point everything is profit, and wilt and worthy are better all around than any auctionable player currently, they’re just complete and have no weaknesses

Locking in for tokens was/is 100% worth it. Wilt is worth it alone. Waiting on the next GO reward to unlock #2. Cant wait.


I play mostly tto and get a lot of tokens through that, I locked sets in during the big crashes so figure I didn’t cost me too much

I have wilt and almost all the heat checks sets are not locked ( just partially finished) and I’m at around 250ish tokens again

Hedo has no weakness.


If I was a mt millionaire I would buy all the ines in the auction house and quicksell him

Hedo :rofl::joy: is a mere mortal compared to God Worthy and Wilt God

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Until he heaves unholy 3 after unholy 3 onto your heads and you scream in horror. Then you will know, he is the one and only true GO in the game.

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dude has an 83 speed but feels like hes got 90 or higher speed lmao. Way too overpowered and i really hope hes not in the game next year lmao. I hate the card and feel like he ruined the game and made it worse… his animations are also too cheesy

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i swear 2k need to give us a GO HEDO or at least PD at the end of the year just for the troll. This card would be the best card ever in myteam


Hedo still giving people trouble?