Finally made it to the 💎 market, what’s a good 1st card to grab?

Who’s there so far? Any suggestions who should be my first pick up?

willis reed looks pretty dope. and jojo white

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That’s who I’m thinking, Reed, Lever or Goodrich.

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Lever looks good. Personally I’d rather take Monroe over him though. I won’t use anyone with Steady.


True Earl the Pearl is badge up like crazy. I haven’t seen anyone run with him yet, wonder what his game play is like?

Maybe related maybe not but I distinctly remember coming back to 2K for 2K15 and playing MyTeam for first time. And being really excited about getting Onyx Willis Reed. And then not being very excited.


:joy::joy: i really want to grab him so i can sell Hakeem and have the MT. Once i get Mikan he’s outta here.

Goodrich is one of the few cards I’ve been able to shoot very well with on Superstar in Dom so I def recommend him

Just got Lever as well and he’s been solid so far. Will grab a big next but will def get Earl at some point, he looks quite good

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This is definitely a hard decision. SF is definitely my weakest position, but there isn’t a player here I’d want on my squad. Cousy, Tiny and GP holding down guard positions, and Ben, Gilmore and petit holding down bigs. Stupid how they didn’t really put an interesting player at this tier at all.

I think it’s gonna be horford, for the sole reason that he can run the 4/5 and shoot.

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Artis Gilmore :thinking:

I went with Horford as my first grab. His release is trash and he can’t really hit 3s even with Nurse/3PT shoe, but his close and mid range game is deadly. I’ve got him upgraded to 32 gold badges including Gold clamps and his defense is unreal.

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what petit card are you talking about, there hasnt been one released to my knowledge

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I went with Fat Lever, Horford, then Goodrich.

Lever is a great defender, can also knock down the 3 and is fast enough to attack the rim.

Horford is lockdown when you upgrade his clamps, he can hit from the corners with his 80 3pt as well. I would take him 1st if I could do it over.

Goodrich is lights out, you just have to invest in adding clamps/intimidator. He’s more of a luxury pick


Can Goodrich get Gold Clamps? Or just bronze.

I run pierce as my SF so I’m covered on that position. I’m pretty much covered on all positions. I just need some more snipers for TTO. I’m thinking Goodrich or the Pearl

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Apologies. For some reason bob petit and Mikan are the same guy in my head haha. Mikan

I haven’t done, and probably won’t do the pierce grind. Shits rough

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How do you guys get so many tokens


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Horford sounds like a good pick