Finally Joined Club Gay

Similar to @Knezius I had a lot of failed attempts already this month with some questionable games.
6-1 four times and 11-1 once.

I got home from vacation today, bought my boy Antawn, finally redeemed KD who was in my outcomes since last Friday before I left, and went to work.

4 hours and many base 11 trailing 3s later it was done, and I got 1 PD and 2 more GOs that I’ll never use. More importantly I can play and not worry about taking Ls or dashboarding on douchebags.


Gilbert would come in when I needed double base 11 firepower. Yao would come in when there was another Yao.

Also, thanks to 2K’s incompetence with the lineup crash glitch, Tyler Lydon is the James Michael McAdoo from the Warriors first and second of their recent finals winning teams.






thought u was coming out da closet


I’ve been trying to get into the Gay Club but I keep getting disappointed


Your pics didn’t load straight away and all I read was gay club and scrolled and read proof above unloaded pics and i started to sweat hard.

Thinking 2KMTCentral 2.0


AIDS. No cap we all got aids


Isiah too icu

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Jesus that lineup better get you into club gay.

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PF cheese at the 2. I did the same thing tho.:grin:

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Smh that gay thirst lmaooo

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My run I didn’t really think about Rudy I just played and it fell into place…rather weird. I only one full opal team :laughing:

You missed Pride month, but congrats.

I was thinking the same lmao

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my friend joined that club too! He got rudy a few days ago

Some people join that club without going 12-0

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Didn’t woody from toy story join the club or was that a rumor?

Bro same :rofl:

Rumor I believe. Never seen the movie.

I roll up to club gay and sometimes end up with free drinks

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U have Jordan Lebron Kobe Shaq Giannis and still struggle to get Rudy? What’s the point, he can’t make your lineup anyway

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How’d your parents react?