Finally hit 750 cards. What's the best way to get to 1000? (non-players)

I really want to get to 1000 cards to finally get the bonus tokens for diamond rewards. I’m 1 amy unlock away from diamonds, but I was wondering if I should grind dom or try and snipe specific item collections to get 250 cards. Are there cheap non-player sets for more tokens?

Grind domination is probably the best way.

I got to 1000 cards pretty easily just from collecting historic jerseys, historic courts, current and historic logos, association jerseys, coaches, and playbooks.

Historic jerseys alone are over 350 cards. Everything else above probably brings the count to around 500+

How much did you get those jerseys/courts, etc for? Like price wise.

If you’re only 1 amy away without playing dom definitely go start it up.

Most for 1k-1.5k. Just filter for that range so you don’t spend more than that on the jerseys. Playbooks are a bit more expensive since they are valuable this year.