Finally got wilt! Just as great as advertised

Rebounding machine. Had to lock 12 sets but happy


I locked all the HC Cards to get Wilt.
100% Worth it :innocent:


New Card Juice . Sorry to rain on your parade.

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Turn it up to 11 juice!


Congrats man!



He should be everyone’s first opal pick, I’m hoping when I get to Walt there’s another option but if it isn’t appealing looks like I’ll have a base 11 guy at point lol

I just got him yesterday too and first game went up against PD wilt, GO wilt is the truth

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Spend the mt and throw the kobe white ad on him

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I did right when i got him :rofl::rofl: no fucking around over here haha… and switched from kerr to dantoni

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Yeah I did the same, mine shoots around 50% from three it’s crazy

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Yeah his jumpers nice i just barely shot any first game, he’s such a goon tho i didn’t think he was gonna be this good lol

I picked worthy first, when I got wilt I instantly sold sabonis after the first game realizing I should of had wilt first

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Wilt is a joke, i missed a layup while he went behind the backboard lol defensive aura times ten or something

Equalizer… played a guy yesterday he slowly pulled away from me since he couldn’t miss and my guys did the usual, 4th quarter down by ten ended up winning by 12,

Yeah i got so many nice SFs i couldn’t get worthy first lol

At the time I had granger and loved him but he was going for 400k so it gave me a reason to sell granger and replace him with worthy

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I won 6 in a row but finally lost to equalizer. I need to learn to shoot 3s with him tho.

@thatdrewkid :joy::joy::joy:
That was great👌

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Congrats man he’s a beast! His jumpshot is a bit slow but easy to time/green. Get in freestyle and shoot a bunch until you’re used to the timing. It’s worth it…