Finally got PD C-Webb

Done with the 2000 card grind. Surprisingly it was pretty easy, but takes a lot of MT. Took me 3 days to collect all the cards needed. Now I’m about badge him up and add a diamond shoe. Send those recommendations. Galaxy Opal Worthy coming to the team this week too. Token Grind


This card is amazing and he got freaking 3pt plays… it’s not even fair
edit: apparently he don’t have 3pt plays


Congrats man!



:fire: nice. Didn’t know he had 3 point plays. What kind of takeover does he get and what shoe is the recommended one to make him the Goat :goat:?

Lmao thanks bro

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3 pt plays? Like what? :thinking:

magic playbook he has iso quick 3

What shoe you gave him?

according to 2kmtc lol, i may be wrong

Its a real hard choice tbh. I went with the cp3. I feel he would probably be better with the kd contested 3 speed shoe tho. I was upping his swb so he could take the ball on the fast break and the lateral quickness but speed might be a bit better.

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wtf lol, I looked at it a week ago and he had it

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He has same plays asmelo which is half 3pt

Such as? I’d love to run some 3 pt stuff for him.

Depends on the playbook but in magic he has 3
3pt plays. Quick iso 3 quick iso 35 and another one i cant remember.

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Run him at 4. Use magic at pg. Run punch 13 box rip. Webber will run across the floor dodging two.screens and almost always have a wide open 3.shot

Thank me later

Mavs book


Which playbook?

Mavs. Ask @Gpap he can vouch lol. I use it for siakam and ad for great open looks. And if they shake the screen then fake the shot. Usually they jump. Then an easy drive

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Hmm. Mavs have some magic plays too. I mighy have to give this pb a go

Was running it for Kuzma for a bit as well. Can confirm it gets a lot of open looks

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