Finally got Hakeem the dream. So my question is....(opinions please!)

I’m really having a hard time with who to replace Hakeem with. Here are my big men as of now…

PD Blake Griffin (Diamond contract, diamond shoe)

Nikola jokic (no contract, diamond 3 point foams)

Prozingis (Diamond Contract, diamond KD10

KAT(no contract, Diamond KD10)

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I’d say get rid of Kat personally


Bumping this thread hoping to get more opinions

Get rid of Kat yea

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I’d say get rid of Hakeem sooner rather than later. Dude’s been nerfed – Shaq is playing way too well right now.

Nah man Hakeem is still deadly.

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He seems pretty damn deadly and I people still use him against me quite well…

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I’d say kat as well

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Second this, he’s still a beast for me. I haven’t felt shit from this “Shaq nerf”

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