Finally Evo’ed Pippen

Took me forever but I wasn’t going to spend 2 million + just for pippen, I’ll rather get this one… don’t know why I put myself through this pain haha


Big W!

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I got from pip to AD very quickly, when they released the takeover set it was during my sell back and I was about 3 games into evoing Pippen.

Needless to say I locked

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Haha yes I was tempted to lock In too, but that’s a whole lot of MT on a set threat I’d only use 2 cards in… I preferred to EVO this pip but his shot is mad slow, you can instantly see the improvements, and I’ve never encountered an EVO’ed Pippen online either

I was scared of the steady shooter “upgrade”

I’m happy with the lock, I use pip and Giannis every game but like Bosh as well, although I feel quite inconsistent with him.

I’m looking to lock one more set for the year then call it a day.

1.7m mt left to finish.
And about 1200 tokens which seem worthless

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Congrats - I had no will to evo my Pippen. So glad I got him While the DuopackGate :see_no_evil:


Great! I evod him with Harden spotlight and he carried me in TTO, forgot Feb or March

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That’s the biggest W