Finally did it!

Finally finished one of life’s bigger grinds:

GF and I got engaged!

My comp level in 2k gonna take a hit this year, have to go to a real gym and play actual ball this year to get back in shape. That first week of cardio is going to suckkkkk.


thats dope asf bro i hope yall prosper

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Congrats dude.

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Thought u went 12-0 and got Larry lol. This is much better. Congrats bro!


Congrats bro

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Congrats man!

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Congrats man.

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Wow that’s awesome bro !

Congratulations to you and your girl :heart:

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Your comp level gonna take a hit lmao facts. Congrats my guy!

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Going to get married in Japan in February. Know how you feel. Congrats.


Congrats bro, nothing like hooping irl. And a loving relationship :raised_hands:

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How many ppl thought he was talking about Larry?

congrats bro!

I used james allen as well. Turned out great

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Element hiding this thread from his girlfriend



Just made that move myself in June. Congrats. I’ve yet to hit the gym and get back in shape but it’s on the agenda can’t be taking wedding pics all chubby. James Allen is VERY good btw A1 service.

Good luck solving ‘fiancee engagement algorithms’ :cold_face: Buying diamonds from the market make it easier indeed.


I thought you finally got your primary badges to HoF but this is an even better update.


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Marrying the right person will make you a better person!

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