Finally achieved 1000 cards... Which diamond rewards to pick now?

That took months… Finally at 1,000 and now I have enough tokens to add 2 more diamond rewards. Any recos?

Edit: shit it’s 250 tokens!! Ok, I can add a few more diamonds!!!

Definitely baron davis. I would just save tokens after that.

True. Save tokens for what though?

Well in my opinion your lineup won’t improve much by adding camby or Lewis so there’s no need to pick them up unless you want to sell googs or Rudy Gay or kd who imo are all better than Lewis anyway. You could pick up Peja he’s good but unless your in dire need of a 3 point threat I would hang on. You never know what 2k drops in the token market man they could release a diamond card or something like that in the token market so. But if you are 100% going for a pd card I’m just hanging onto my tokens until I have exactly enough just in case.
Baron is a must cop though he is insane.

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Ait man thanks for the heads up. I guess you’re right, I should be smart with the tokens. I will pick up baron now though. Kinda sad to push curry off my bench though. He’s been lights out haha

Btw what diamond shoe for baron?

I would probably start baron and slide jr to the 2, and maybe move melo to the bench or sell Rudy since his value is still high. You have a lot of flexibility and really good cards so it’s all preference really. But if your good with curry you will love baron.
I put the grey Jordan swb moving 3 shoe on mine but it’s just cause I had an extra one :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! You’re probably right about moving Jr to the 2 haha. I sniped Rudy for so cheap last night, I’m doing my best to keep him in my lineup haha. He’s got a diamond contract and red kobes. I’m about to unlock baron now!

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that’s a sick snipe. You are loaded at the 3 spot with melo and kd though but that’s a good problem to have :joy:.
I would certainly start baron. Baron does need some badges (defensive stopper, tireless) and whatever else you wanna add. But he’s worth putting a shoe on and badges he will be in my lineup for a long time.

Haha tell me about it! I had to sell Amy lebron with red kyries. Love lebron but KD is just a mean scoring machine.

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Btw are Willis Reed or Camby good centers? I could replace Tyson.

Tyson is better than them both.

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