Finally a true center

Just scooped with contracts and black and white superstars for 250k :heart_eyes:


Who tho


If you have Diantoni he’ll get post scoring slasher.

Sabonis ???


He’s likely talking Sabonis

I just assumed Shaq


If you buy Sabonis you need to beware of the market! Once D Rob is released, I assumed he’ll drop to 160-220k

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Lol Shaq !!!
My bad


Sabonis was just outta my reach. Shaq prob fits me better anyway

Now I can prob sell that pg 3 pt shoe, since I was holding for Sampson

I got sabonis for 182k earlier

I wouldn’t mind playing him at PF with Shaq, have zingis now

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He would dominate, but he’s slow in a half court setting because of low lateral quickness

This week? If it is I will be so jealous I was out of town in the past 10 days

Shaq is also fun to play!

Hmmm what’s the best shoe for shactus

Yes Today about 2 hours ago to be exact. The market has crashed big time.

Alright you’re on XB1 I thought it’s ps4 lol

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Im still loving Shaq. He grabs a lot of rebounds and protects the paint like a boss.

HOF Brick wall crushes people too.