Final Throwback Moments Tomorrow

Leave your predictions for the Pacific Division. Plus, who will be locking Klay?

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My guesses:

PD Bob McAdoo
PD Jerry West
:gem: EVO to PD Mitch Richmond (Warriors)
Amy Alvin Adams
Ruby Nate Archibald

Lock-In: PD Jamaal Wilkes


I want PD Dray. His badged diamond is still usable


I do as well but I think money Mitch is gonna be first

PD Lamar Odom would be too good right?


Would be nice

Need that pd Stephen Jackson

This set could be heat. Lots of good options, but 2K always throws curveballs with these. They seem to save the bigger names for hype sets.

Warriors - D Rick Barry
Suns - D Kevin Johnson
Lakers - PD Odom
Clippers - Amy Danny Manning
Kings - Ruby Bagley

Lock-in: PD Robert Horry

I changed my Lakers card to Odom. He’s a pack mover, but not a guy who would headline a bigger promo.

I would love to see an Odom.

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Just give me my Marion. I do expect the final spotlight card to be fire though.

Whatever drops for Pacific will 100% be expensive as hell. Too many options.

I’m just here for the xp


Steve nash will be one of the players tomorrow in the set

LOL, I get you. Since I finished I feel sort of aimless. I still instinctively check the challenges until I remember I’m “free” until Friday.


i expect Odom and/or Nash

PD Draymond Green
PD CJ McCollum
D Peja
D Kevin Johnson
R Chris Kaman

Steve Nash lock in


Almost every other set has had a PD point guard so this one will as well I’m sure.

I guessing Kevin Johnson will be in the set. Haven’t seen him yet, have we? Or reward for completing the spotlights? Maybe Darius Miles

This would be the perfect time to give us an opal Curry. Make him the lock in for Pacific. It seems ridiculous to keep locking mid PD cards that probably won’t make most squads in opal season. It’s only right Klay lockers get the other splash bro in this set. Maybe more people will want to lock the set if they can get a Curry too. Doubt this happens though, but I’d lock if they did so :sweat_smile:

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Warriors: PD Dray/ PD Sleepy Floyd
Kings: PD Fox/ PD Mitch
Lakers: GO Worthy/ Di Michael Cooper
Suns: PD Joe Johnson*/ Amy QRich
Clippers: GO Lamar/ PD Mcadoo

*Idr if Iso Joe is in game

Warriors: Amethyst Andrew Bogut
Kings: PD Kevin Martin
Lakers: Ruby Derek Fisher
Suns: Diamond Kevin Johnson
Clippers: PD Lamar Odom

Spotlight Challenge Reward: Amethyst Robert Horry
Spotlight Lock-In: PD Bob McAdoo