Final Thoughts On A Few Cards

It’s the end of the year and I’ve made up my mind about a few cards.

Super Saiyan Jordan: The best card in the game. Hands down. I’ve used literally every Jordan card this year, and just never could click with him… I just never liked his dribble moves and ball handling this year. Well, 2k fixed that and gave this particular Jordan what may be the 2nd best ball handling package ever, AND the best flashy pass animations I’ve ever seen. Oh, and every HOF shooting badge and 99 strength. Good god this card rules. PLUS, he turns Pippen into a goddamn freak of nature.

Super Saiyan Lebron: I’m not finding much difference between him and Lebron’s OG PD. Sure, he is better… but it’s not night and day like the difference between Jordan’s PDs. I will say this Bron is better on defense, especially in regards to rim protection. He’s a flawless card, but the new MJ is better. If you have to sell your whole team for this card, don’t do it. Just get the OG PD Bron for cheap. BUT, if you have Magic, it’s worth it… Lebron makes Magic even better.

Dr. J: PD Julius can walk on water. I love this card so much. I put the Curry lows on mine and he stole T Mac’s spot, which I never thought possible.

PD Penny: I have Curry highs on mine, and don’t sleep on this card. He has my favorite dribble animations this year and he can pass, dunk, and shoot with he best of them.

AD: PD AD is the most dominating PF by far. Get one with the grey/yellow Kobes that’s badged up, and you have a big with 95 ball control that can keep up with any PF your opponent throws at you.

Hakeem: PD or diamond… hands down best big in the game. Get this card now lol.


no hof corner specialist

I really like AD too, but i think he is also better with the red kyries! He is a monster with these shoes: he can do everything

Is Erving really better than TMac?

Good catch.

Maybe not for everybody, but for me, yes.

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I missed a corner 3 with MJ and I blamed it on that. I felt like Lebron plays wayy better than MJ but this is my first Bron card all yr so maybe you guys are already used to him

That Lebron is absolutely amazing, but so are the 98 and the other PD… I just don’t notice a HUGE difference between this card and the other like I do with Jordan.

Lebrons prob just always been a beast and im just late to the party. Im gonna try MJ at PG next game, might be better there

I tried him at PG and SG, and definitely like him better at PG. Make sure to utilize his flashy passes :slight_smile:

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I have played with every Lebron card since besides his Emerald, and they were all beastly in there respective time. I remember when I first got his Ruby. Felt unstoppable!

The OP is correct though in the difference in Jordan cards. I have played with all the Jordan cards and even the OG PD was not in my top 3 SG rotation. I just wanted it because it was Jordan. However, this new card is on an entirely differently level.

OG PD Lebron was in my opinion the best card in the game until the new PD Lebron came out. The differences between the OG PD Lebron and new PD Lebron are subtle, but the differences in the Jordan PDs are extreme!


Thoughts on pd RWB?

He’s a monster for me

Did they really change Super Saiyan MJ’s dribble package from his other cards?!

Haven’t had the chance to try out Hakeem and Dr. J’s upgraded PDs but I had their diamonds. My team is pretty much set but you think I should replace Tmac and KD for Irving and Hakeem???

I have 98 Hakeem with the +9 acceleration and +9 open 3PT shoe, is it worth going after the PD instead?

I’ve been running Yao, 97 Dirk and Shaq because of their duos but it’s beginning to occur to me that even with the duo boosts, these guys are still not as good as cards like Hakeem

Thank you !!! I agree so much, mine has grey Kobe’s, and lately has been even more dangerous! You can play him 1-3 too

New mj dont have the same dribble package as old pd?

I use him w the KD duo & he’s 100% worth the 35-40k if you locked in KD like I did awhile back.

That makes two inquiring minds… someone hurry up and enlighten us! Lol

Different package I think, or maybe quicker because higher BC/Speed w ball.