Final ring for AG

What team are you running 1 D and 1 Amy

Just copped a diamond AK to run along JIsaac :grin:



Gonna need to find a diamond. Sold Zion and Glenn. Might rent Murray for hof sniper.

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Bro it says one diamond what are you eating?


this is well and good but can only run 1 diamond and 1 amy rest ruby and below im assuming. no PD

Yah you could be right. In that case Cp3/Shump/KD/Kirilenko/Ibaka.

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Rex + Gugliotta as usual. I change the diamond every game.

Googs is A.Gordon clone, you have a chance to practise that as well.

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Close, but how you gonna fit KF, AK, and Ibaka?

Bosh at Center. Thank me later :grin:


so that’ll count towards your amy+diamond limit ie their duo upgraded tier right?

I prefer Kirilenko and Ibaka can shoot well enough.

No, duos don’t count. You have a spot for diamond so u can use Zion too lol.


he needs help creating his lineup :sweat_smile:

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bruh, KD is either pink diamond or diamond. so you cant run KD and Kirilinko in the same lineup.

you cant run KD with ibaka because kd is PD and you can only use 1 dia and 1 amy

im gonna play with my bosh-herro combo too. should be a fun weekend

KD at 3, Kirilenko at 4 and Ibaka at 5? Not sure how’s that even a question.


He’s saying you can only use 1 Diamond 1 Amy and below

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Overalls bro. One amethyst. One diamond. Rest ruby and under.

now 5 people told ya… haha

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