Final Day of the Regular Season

Today is the last day of the NBA regular season in which every single team plays today. Post your thoughts/predictions for the nba here!

Phoenix is going to the Finals.

Joel Embiid Finals MVP!


They’re most likely playing Lakers 1st round.

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Doubtful, beating the lakers in the first round would be a huge accomplishment


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Knicks looking good for 4th seed

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i think the warriors could upset a top seed, curry just needs to go on another crazy run like he did in april

Both Jazz and Suns could lose in 1st round, would be be kinda crazy for top 2 seeds to go out like that.


Jokic vs Luka coming in round 1

Li5 :crown: :goat:

my god is this hornets vs wizards game fun to watch… especially with the hornets announcers

I don’t care if Dallas get 5th or 6th seed, but they need to avoid the Clippers cause those guys are stunting the playoff growth of this team.

Much better shot against Denver than the Clips if we’re being honest. Don’t think we’d be favored either which way, but it sure beats having to deal with Kawhi & PG13 for 6 games.

Sixers should cruise to the conference finals. Miami and Milwaukee concern me more than Brooklyn. This is going to be a strange playoffs with all the guys coming back from injuries and strange seeding.

Celtics really almost won with a practice squad and they end the season at .500. Life’s weird

Just glad my Knicks avoided Milwaukee in the 1st round.

I need to see Portland win or the Lakers lose, simply because Curry vs Lebron in the play in is a matchup that’s got to happen.

Funny watching a certain team tank and run from the Lakers round 1. :eyes:


I called him out the day it happened and he’s been missing ever since

Man I wish the nuggets could play those cowards round 1 and send them home again

How do you “build a team to beat the Lakers” but run from them when you get the chance to play them. They’ll have nowhere to run 2nd round though

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It’s not really go home if you lose though. You still got a chance. Shit the winner could still go home