Final battle upgrades

I’m getting ready for the final stretch to secure Porzingod. Right now I’m at 13,700 and have to battle in PD with this squad.

I have 200k left so I could get some upgrades for the bench. I was thinking Melo and 97 Kobe or perhaps 98 Kawhi. I’ve used all of them and I liked them. Do you guys have any other ideas?

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Is Vince locked in? I’d rather try to get 98 Kobe and replace VC with him. Amethyst Finley will definitely help combat some player engagement and has awesome animations.

Vince is locked for Shaq. I don’t enjoy playing with him, but he gets the job done… To get Kobe I would have to sell Malone, move Bird to the starting unit and play Kemp off the bench. Malone has the Curry 2 shoe and I think I like him too much to get rid of him.

Good luck man. Basically my ideal team except for Giannas at bench PG :slight_smile:

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Thank you. May the gods of 2k bless your path to PD.

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I’ve actually come around on Vince. At first, I thought he was all style and no substance, that he couldn’t really seem to ever get going offensively. But lately, I moved him to SG on my B team, and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t get mad buckets. I don’t run the offense through him, but if my primary option gets stopped and I need a bucket when the shot clock is winding down, Vince has a tendency to whip out a 360 in traffic or something ridiculous like that. I also like that he is an incredibly reliable 3 point shooter, people seem to forget because they’re so worried sbout the dunks and you can catch them offguard. I do have a defensive shoe on him, as well.

VC stands out as a bit of a sore thumb in my eyes as the rest of your roster shows you value 2-Way play and he is a defensive liability. The 98 Kawhi would be absolutely freaking perfect in that spot for you.

98 Kawhi.


He does. When I went for the PD LeBron I had to sell some players, including the 98 Kobe, who was filling Carter’s current spot. I was forced to bring VC back and he’s been sort of a placeholder…

I also have Drexler and Dominique, but I hate their releases.

Sell PD Jordan and pick up either 98 Jordan w/ 3PT shoe or 98 Kobe, and then pick up TMac. Move Vince to your bench 3 and play him with TMac, and start Jordan or Kobe. That’s what I would do.

Man, I say Kawhi would be lovely on that bench. Run him at the 2, fuck it.

Use quick… elevator play for Vince. Can’t remember the whole name but it’s extremely deadly.

I think the 2 might be his most dominant position. It’s where I landed on running him

I will never sell the goat. You sell other players to get PD MJ, not the other way round.

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Use your 200k, and get Kawhi. That is a MASSIVE upgrade both ends over VC


Are you ready for another game soon ? :slight_smile:

Definitely get diamond Kawhi Leonard to replace Finley. You’re playing yourself with this equalizer bs.

Finley is there for the lack of better players, not because he’s an amethyst card.

Sure, it’s gonna be a mirror match- almost the same players :sunglasses: